Friday, August 14, 2009


(By Aubree)

I don't know about anyone else, but I've heard this many, many times: "Why do I even bother buying toys?" Clara loves playing with things that she knows she shouldn't be playing with and things that don't look like toys. She has recently started to think that it is a game when she goes for something she knows we will take away, like the phone, and she will army crawl as fast as she possibly can towards it (which is pretty darn fast) and we will come behind her and she will have a huge smile on her face!

Here are some example of her enjoying things that aren't actual toys.

You can't see it very well, but Clara has chosen the bowl of snacks to play with instead of all of the toys around her.

We bought a toy remote for her because she was constantly going after the real ones. As you can see I set up a test to see if she would choose the toy closest to her or the actual remotes. What do you think happened?

Yup, she crawled right over her toy and went after the real ones. What can you say? The girl enjoys a challenge!

In her hand is a granola bar still in the package.

Saving her favorite for last. . . paper. She could probably play with this all day if it was indestructable, but I guess the destructability is half of the fun, right?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff!

(By Aubree)

Jeff's birthday was yesterday and we had such a nice day all together! We all slept in and then Jeff did some work from home, and a few hours later, he and Clara decided to take a nap. Then Jeff opened his presents--with Clara's help, of course. In the afternoon, we went shopping and then ate dinner at the Training Table. For dessert, we got cupcakes from Cold Stone and we enjoyed some Simpsons on DVD.

Happy birthday yesterday, Jeff. I love you so much and appreciate all that you do! You are so kind, loving, patient, great dad and husband, great supporter, and hard worker. I can't imagine my life without you!

Clara couldn't wait for daddy to get here. She wanted to open the presents all by herself!

Yay! Daddy's here to open presents!

This one's just cute!

She's such a great present opener! She's warming up for Christmas!

Daddy and Clara posing with the ties that she gave him.

We got Jeff two shirts, two ties, and a grilling rack.