Saturday, August 30, 2014


We got season passes to Lagoon again this year -- and we sure got our money's worth.

We were, of course, there for opening day in April.
Owen's first ride.
Aubree, Clara, and Ashlyn on the dragonfly.

One of the (what seemed like) hundred times we rode the carousel.

Clara took swimming lessons this year, and she really enjoyed it, so she wanted to go to Lagoon-A-Beach a lot.

Jeff, Clara, and Ashlyn riding the log flume ride.

Family Art Night

Once each month, our local art center has a Family Art Night.  We love to go and make the art projects that they have, as well as do the "I Spy" game, listen to stories, and do other activities they have.

Clara's art project.

Ashlyn's art project.


Daddy Daughter Dates

Jeff continues his tradition of trying to take each of the girls on a daddy-daughter date each month.

For this date, Jeff took both girls to the movies to see "Walking with Dinosaurs," followed by cupcakes and brownies.

Clara's first daddy-daughter date was at Red Lobster, so that is her favorite place to go.

Ashlyn loved exploring the new jungle maze.
Dinner at Station Park

Ashlyn's favorite restaurant is Sizzler

Clara panning for jewels.

Riding the carousel at Lagoon.

Friday, August 29, 2014


A few random pictures from this summer.

Clara and Ashlyn visited some princesses at Station Park.

Clara and Ashlyn really wanted to get their faces painted at Lagoon.  So they spent a few months earning money by doing chores around the house so they could pay for it.  They were so excited when they finally got to do it!

Aubree, Clara, and Ashlyn had a stand selling frozen lemonade and cookies.  It was a good learning experience for the girls, and they earned about $25.

We're glad to have good neighbors for the kids to play with.  This group had a lot of fun all summer long.

Ashlyn riding her bike.

Clara riding her bike with her unicorn helmet.

Clara and Ashlyn with a pirate at Station Park.

Clara and Ashlyn dressed up for a friend's princess birthday party.

Clara made this hat at a birthday party, and wore it just about everywhere for a few days.

Owen with two of his favorite things: a ball and some puddles.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Visit to Grandma's

Aubree took the kids to her parents' house for a couple of days.  The kids loved playing with the dog and cats, playing with grandma and grandpa, and being outside a lot.

Ashlyn 4-Year Pictures

While visiting her family in Grace, Aubree decided to do a photo shoot with Ashlyn for Ashlyn's 4th birthday.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bear Lake

We made our annual trip to Bear Lake again this year.  It was a really fun day.  The girls loved burying each other in the sand and searching for sea shells.  Owen was in heaven digging in the sand all day.