Tuesday, May 25, 2010

28 Weeks

(By Aubree)

I'm already in my 3rd trimester and realized that I haven't said anything about this pregnancy except that I am in fact pregnant again and that we're having another girl. So I wanted to write a few things about this pregnancy so I don't forget. Right now I am actually 28 weeks and 5 days so I'll be 29 weeks on Thursday. Only 2 and a half months to go! This pregnancy has gone by so much faster than my first. I've been meaning to take a picture to post because I would feel bad if I didn't have any this pregnancy when I took some when I was pregnant with Clara. I really hate the way I look and I took this picture myself and so it's just lopsided and blurry and not very good, but I didn't want to have to look at any other pictures of myself so I'm just keeping this one.

I'm already so big and uncomfortable and I swear I was close to this size when I delivered Clara. As you can see I'm carrying in my butt as well as my belly. I can't wait until I can actually move again so I can get in shape. It's always when you aren't really able to do much that you feel motivated to exercise...ironic.

Anyway, it's been a pretty good pregnancy. The first trimester and first part of the second I was sick but never threw up. I actually threw up a couple of weeks ago when I was cleaning up Clara's throw up, but it really wasn't pregnancy related too much. I felt pretty much the same as I did last time except this time was scaled back just a few notches. I had the same bad taste in my mouth that I had with Clara and it has suddenly come back a couple of days ago which didn't happen with Clara.

When I went in for my halfway ultrasound, I found out I had placenta previa, which is when the placenta is covering or near the cervix which can be dangerous during delivery. Most of the time it resolves itself as the uterus grows and I had another ultrasound last Thursday that showed it is completely out of the way of my cervix! Jeff and Clara came to that appointment and Clara started freaking out when I had to get my blood pressure checked, and then it got even worse when I had to lay on the table for the ultrasound! It was kind of funny, but sad and cute that she doesn't want anything to happen to me.

I've been much more on edge and nervous about something happening to me or the baby this time around. I'm a little less naive and know that I'm not only at risk of losing my baby in the first trimester. Late pregnancy losses happen so much more than I realized and I was pretty much just bracing myself for a loss. I don't take this pregnancy for grated one second. I'm incredibly grateful that it happened so quickly compared to the years it took with Clara. I'm also very thankful that I've made it this far and pray the remainder of the pregnancy will go as well. I can't wait to meet this precious little baby!