Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day at our house.  We slept in a bit and then spent time opening presents.  After breakfast and playing with some of our presents, we went outside and built a snowman.  We finished the day having dinner with Wendy, Chase, and Rex.

Clara got a mermaid Barbie, Elsa (from Frozen) doll, Legos, a finding book, apron, Shopkins, and pajamas.
Ashlyn got a fairy Barbie, Ana (from Frozen) doll, Legos, Play Dough princess castle, apron, Shopkins, and pajamas.
Owen got a train set, Mickey Mouse book, Spongebob chair, wagon, crayon set, and pajamas.
We all got Lagoon passes and Connect passes to visit various museums and other attractions throughout 2016.