Sunday, July 8, 2012


Going through our pictures from the past few months, there are some pictures that are fun or memorable, but don't fit into any of our previous posts.  So we put them all together in this miscellaneous post.

Clara learned to write her name a while back.  This was her first time.

We were on a walk to the park, and Clara insisted that we stop and take a picture because she had the urge to strike a pose.

Aubree and I got box seats to see Real Salt Lake play. Even though RSL lost, we had a lot of fun.

Ashlyn loves pudding.

Ashlyn thought it would be funny to put on all of Clara's underwear at once.

Ashlyn has this little crib for her dolls, but sometimes she can't resist the urge to join her dolls for a nap.

Dressing up with Mom's jewelery.

Clara getting a haircut.

Ashlyn getting a haircut.

Clara got this magic wand, and she loved it so much she slept with it in her hand.

Ashlyn LOVES the iPad.  She knows how to run it better than most adults.

New Car

We finally broke down and bought a new car.  It was time to get rid of my Dodge Intrepid and get something bigger and better.  Cleaning out my car (which I've had ever since I got off his mission 11 years ago) was like opening up a time capsule.

Parking sticker from law school.

This is a sticker that Aubree put on my car window when we were dating.

Bumper stickers from my mission

Goodbye, old friend.

Here's our new car: a Toyota Sienna minivan.


We bought season passes to Lagoon again this year, and we are sure getting our money's worth.  We have been almost a dozen times this year.  It helped that Lagoon opened earlier than normal this year.  Clara and Ashlyn love all of the rides and games.




Whales (We always have to ride the whales first.)

Aubree and Clara on the egg drop


Bumper cars

Spaceships (This was Jeff's favorite ride when he was little)

Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day in Cache Valley.  We visited family members' graves in Smithfield and Preston, and had a barbecue lunch with Aubree's family in Preston.

Jeff's grandparents

Jeff's brother

Aubree's sister

Daddy-Daughter Dates

For the past few months, I have been trying to take Clara and Ashlyn on daddy-daughter dates.  They are a lot of fun.  It's a great chance for me to spend some one-on-one time with my little sweethearts.

Clara at Red Lobster, which is her favorite restaurant (not necessarily for the food, but she loves the lobsters they have in tanks in the lobby)

Ashlyn at Wendy's for her favorite meal: chicken nuggets and french fries

Clara miniature golfing.  She has a unique putting style.

Miniature golfing.

Clara's Favorite Things

Lately, Clara has really been interested in taking pictures with our camera.  I think the pictures are pretty reflective of what she thinks is important in her life.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Her best friend, Ashlyn




And her favorite: Mom

Music Class

Clara and Ashlyn both attended music classes for the last year or so.  They really enjoy getting to spend time with Aubree, learning new songs, and playing drums.

Clara's Dance Recital 2

Clara had her final dance recital in May.  Once again, she did a fantastic job!  She wasn't scared at all.  In fact, she often tells us how much she enjoys being on stage.

Ready for her recital.

Dancing queen.

Easter 2012

We had a great Easter.  We dyed Easter eggs, had an Easter egg hunt with the girls, then traveled up to Idaho to have dinner and another Eater egg hunt with Aubree's family.

Clara showing off her "sparkly fairy" egg