Friday, April 30, 2010

Guess What We Did This Morning?

(By Aubree)

This morning I was changing Clara's diaper and she kept on pointing to her bows that are above her changing table. So I grabbed a random bow and put it in her hair. She didn't like the one I chose, I guess, because she started to throw a fit. So I tried a different one followed with the same reaction from Clara. We did this one more time before I just decided to take her bow board off the wall and let her choose her own.

Cute Bow board right? My friend Lyndzi makes these and adorable bows and hats. Check out her blog here.

I left Clara in her room with the board while I sat in front of the TV folding laundry. Before I knew it Clara came out of her room and excitedly handed me a bow. I put it in her hair. She went back to her room and pretty soon she came back out and handed me another bow. I put it in my hair. She seemed pleased with this process as she continued to do this until most of her bows were off of her board and in our hair!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Healthy, Fun, Frozen Treat

(By Aubree)

I found this on the website of Our Best Bites. It was called "One Ingredient Ice Cream." My wonderful, lawyer husband kindly informed me that it was illegal to call something ice cream that doesn't contain at least 10% milk fat, so we'll call it a "frozen treat"!

It is only one ingredient, which are bananas.

You start with aged bananas that look something like this.

Then you cut them up into slices, flatten them out in a bag like this, and freeze them.

Then you put it in a food processor and blend it up really good. Surprisingly, it does have the consistency of ice cream. It does, of course, have the flavor of what it's made out of, so you do have to like bananas.

It should look a little something like this.

It's great topped off with a little bit of chocolate syrup. The website even suggested blending it with a little bit of cinnamon, but we haven't tried that.

So if you have aged bananas that you don't want to go to waste and you don't feel like making banana bread, you should try this! It's great!

15 Months

(By Aubree)

These updates about Clara's stats and doctor's visits are mostly for me and my records, so I understand if they're not exciting to read. I don't blame you if you decide to skip over these posts.

Clara had her 15-month well check yesterday and here's where she's at:

Height: 33 inches (way above 95%!)
Weight: 22 lbs. 15 oz. (50%)
Her BMI actually went down from last time, which is 14.81, and that puts her in the 5% for BMI.
Head: 19 inches! (95%) The Gittins' big head gene is kicking in!

Everything is going really well with Clara right now. She's actually eating a little bit better than she has been except for her fruits and veggies. My doctor gave me the idea of making smoothies with fruits and hiding carrots, celery, or even spinach(?) in them. I shared a smoothie with Clara from a store the other day and she loved it, so I'll definitely have to try this.

Clara loves to be read to (same books over and over and over...), being outside and going for walks, playing with other kids, performing, and singing (or at least doing the actions to songs). We go to a music class for babies and she's learned so much and loves it . . . and so do I. She has said a lot of different words, but she will stop using some of them after a couple of weeks. My doctor said this is not uncommon at her age. One of my favorite things she says right now is "Whedo" which is "Where did it go?" She's just learning so much so fast!

Tonight we went on a picnic at the park and played on the playground. It was the first time she had ever gone down a slide all by herself and she had SO much fun!

This is how sad she was when we had to leave. :(

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


(By Aubree)

We enjoyed Easter/General Conference weekend at home. We were planning on going up to see family, but Jeff and I weren't feeling well, and my mom and sister and her kids weren't feeling well unfortunately. We missed our families, but we had a fun little celebration by ourselves at home.

Clara got to enjoy her Easter dress a week early since the Easter program was last week. I think she looks so pretty in her little dress and so did every other woman at church!
This is what the Easter bunny brought for her on Easter morning!
He gave her some books, a ball, a harmonica, socks (which I think she thought was misplace in her bag because she quickly handed them over to Jeff!), some candy and bunny ears. Whenever we put the bunny ears on her she would say "Kah" which means cat!
Jeff made Clara a bunny pancake!

Friday, April 2, 2010


(By Aubree)

Girls are just girls from the day they're born! At least Clara has been. She loves to accessorize and put on makeup when I'm getting ready. Here's some fun pictures of her beautifying herself!

That's makeup on her cheek, not bruises.

She was using my blush as I was putting on my mascara and without me realizing it she was dipping my blush brush into the open bottle of mascara!
She saw me wearing this bracelet and as soon as she could get her hands on it she was doing the same. She found a toy to balance out her other arm!

She found some stickers and I put one on her hand and cheek, and after that she put them everywhere on her body. Her favorite was her hair which wasn't very fun getting them out!

She's always trying to put on our shoes.

These next two pictures have nothing to do with the rest of the post, but I wanted to add them. She reminds me a lot of me when I was a little girl. I was always curious and hiding in the dryer or other places like that. The other day I found her playing in this upside down step stool.

This picture is kind of embarrassing because the room is such a mess, but Clara just loves her little couch that Jeff bought her. I think she looks so cute sitting there watching her Baby Einstein!