Friday, August 31, 2012

County Fair

We went to the Davis County Fair.  Clara and Ashlyn loved the petting zoo, although Ashlyn was a little more brave when it came to petting all of the different animals. There were goats, calves, horses, donkeys, camels, rabbits, sheep, and chickens.

At one of the booths, they had a hands-on activity where kids could pump water into some rain gutters, which would move some rubber ducks down the rain gutters.  Clara LOVED it, and spent about 30 minutes playing with it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Little Girl Is 2 !!!

The doctor said she is 36.5 in (97%) and 26 lbs (40%).

Funny things she says:
Cowa = Clara
Mines = Mine
Chicken Milk = Chocolate Milk
Ank You = Thank you
Ringer = Finger
Bipe = Wipe (one of her favorite things.  She likes to have one to hold to her face when she falls alseep.)
Seep Sops = Flip flops
She used to say Otay We wiw = okay we will
She likes to ask "How?"  When I ask her to do something or she'll even throw in a "Why"?
I will say something like  "That's pretty huh?"  Then she'll repeat back, "That's pretty huh?"  But the "huh" is a question, not an agreement.

For her birthday, we decided to go to The Treehouse Children's museum in Ogden.  She invited her friends Cami, and Ella, and Addie, and of course her best friend Clara was there too.  Then we went to get pizza at Pier 49.  For dinner we went to Mcdonald's and let the girls play on the play place.  Then we went home and had cupcakes!

Ashlyn is such a great little hugger.  Ever since she could hug, she has given the best hugs I've ever received!  She has a mind of her own and it's hard to change it once it's made up.  She loves playing outside and at the park, coloring, and she loves watching just about everything, but her favorites are probably Dora and Diego.  Her new favorite toy is Legos which she got for her birthday.  She can count to about 12 and can sing the ABC song.  We love having this sweet girl in our family.

                                                                      Ashlyn and Ella
                                                                    Ashlyn and Cami

Jeff's 32!

Jeff had a great birthday.  We opened presents with the girls, who were so helpful, and Jeff and I went to see the new Batman movie.  After that we went to a new restaurant at Station Park, Settebello, which was fabulous and got a special treat to share with the girls afterwards.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bear lake

 It's starting to become a tradition that we go to Bear Lake around Jeff and Ashlyn's birthdays.  Jeff's is on the 7th and Ashlyn's is the next day on the 8th.  We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to next year!

                 Ashlyn just chillin'

                                                                     Clara just chillin'
                                                          We found lots of sea shells.

                                                              We did lots of splashing!
                                                               We played mermaids!
 Oh and we were there too.  ;)