Monday, June 6, 2011

First word, faces and sleeping

As we close a prayer and everyone in our family says "Amen", Ashlyn would say "Mmmen". Even after the second and third time I looked at Jeff and thought "Was that a coincidence?" But today I said "Ashlyn, say A - men." and she repeated back to me exactly as I said it! So I guess Ashlyn's first word is Amen. She will sometimes say "Yay!" when she claps or "Hi", but Jeff and I think that Amen is really her first true word.

Ashlyn pulls some of the funniest faces and I've been trying to get a picture of some of them unsuccessfully. Clara was playing around with the camera the other day and captured this! I was excited to finally have it recorded so I can embarrass her with it some day. :)

This is what I found today when I check on her for her nap today. Camera ready even in her sleep.