Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Month

(by Aubree)

Why is it that the first month of these little ones go by so fast? I guess it doesn't go by any faster than any of the others, it just feels like being one month old seem sooo much older than 1 day old and being 2 months doesn't seem that much older than 1 month and so on. If that makes any sense at all.

Ashlyn is so much fun! She loves to study faces and is already entertained by her big sister when she shoves things in her face to look at or does a silly dance. The last couple of days it feels like we've kind of gotten a good routine down. We've gone to bed before midnight, and Ashlyn is a lot more content after she's fed and burped. She'll just sit by herself for longer periods of time, which is very helpful. It feels like we have a bit more of a feeling of normalcy at this point.

Babies are so hard to take pictures of! Out of probably about 30 pictures, here are pretty much the only usable ones!

First smile captured on film.

Stretch! Kinda looks like a smile though right?