Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clara's Dance Recital

On December 10th Clara had a dance recital. She did so good! I went to her rehearsal the night before and she didn't really do the dance, so I thought she didn't learn them very well but when the recital came she did most of the moves! They danced twice in a row and after the first dance she saw me and I waved to her and she came to the edge of the stage to talk to me. Luckily there was a little helper to put her back where she needed to go.
This picture is hard to see, but we saw her peaking out behind the curtains at the other dancers.
When all of the dancers came out at the very end they were supposed to bow and then move to the back so the other dancers could come on. Clara was so concerned about finding her little sticker that she wouldn't move back.
Also there were so many people on and around the stage afterward that we couldn't get to Clara right away and I think she got scared and went looking for us and we couldn't find her for a minute so it was a little scary for both of us.
Jeff's sister Wendy and her husband Chase came to congratulate Clara on her first dance recital.

Ashlyn got a little flower for herself too.