Saturday, January 12, 2013

Clara's 4th Birthday

We are so lucky to have Clara in our family. She is a great big sister, and is always cognizant of the feelings of those around her.  She strives to please, and loves to learn. In short, she is such a smart and beautiful girl. 

Clara's Birthday Party

Clara wanted to have a spa birthday party.  She had a few friends over, and we had a really good party. The girls started by decorating their own party favor bags. Then they had pedicures - a foot bath, lotion, and painted toenails. We played a "cake walk" game, and the girls won brushes, chapstick, and bubble bath.  Then Clara opened presents, and we finished with cake and ice cream.

Friday, January 11, 2013


As the girls get older, each Christmas seems to get more and more fun.  It was so fun to watch them open their presents and get so excited about them. 

Look what Santa brought!

Clara and Ashlyn coming upstairs to open presents.

Santa brought the princess dress that Ashlyn wanted.

Santa also brought the My Little Pony castle that Clara wanted.

Ashlyn couldn't wait to put together her marble run. (And dad couldn't wait to help her.)