Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tulip Festival

(by Aubree)

On Thursday, I picked Jeff up early from work and we went down to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. Neither of us had been to Thanksgiving Point before and I have been asking Jeff to take me to the tulip festival for years. For anyone who doesn't know what Thanksgiving Point is, it's in Lehi, Utah. It has gardens, a golf course, a cinema, and they offer many classes including cooking, horticulture, kids classes, etc. Anyway, they said they only had about 15% of the tulips up because the weather has been cold, but I don't know if they even had 15%. But because we had never been there, it was still worth it because it's about 55 acres of beautiful scenery that we really enjoyed. It was nice just being outside in the sun.

This cliff is made of concrete! It looks so real. I bet it took a long time.
The Italian Garden
The secret garden


Liz said...

Wow, it really is gorgeous there! We thought of trying to do family pictures there this last week, but we remembered that we'd have to pay a $50 fee. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. You got some great pictures!

Anna said...

I love the tulips! They are so pretty. I'm glad the weather has been nice enough for you to get outside. We heard that it snowed again though after the 75 degree weather. What's up with that? Crazy Utah. Oh btw we played Settler the other night and kept thinking of you guys. We'll have to play again next time we get together!

April and JJ said...

Hi Aubs! Your pictures are so pretty! I really loved looking at your spain pictures and it made me think I need to go there. I know, that was a while ago that you posted that, but I don't know if I commented on it. You guys do some fun things and get great pics from it! Hope all is well!!! btw, my word verification to leave this comment is "eatpu." Just wondered if you thought that was funny too. . .