Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nine Month Update

(By Aubree)

Okay, this post is about three weeks past due, but better late than never right? I just can't believe that she's nine months old, that's practically a year! I don't think I've gone a day without thanking Heavenly Father for my beautiful little blessing. She is so much fun and makes us laugh all the time. We love her more than words can describe.
Clara had her nine month check up on the 6th and here are her stats:

28.7 inches long (95%+)
18.4 pounds (50%) That's the first time she's been under 90% on height or weight!

Here's what Clara's been up to:

-She took her first "step" tonight, kind of. I didn't see it, but Jeff said it was more of a pivot of the foot. But even so, that's hard to balance on one foot even for a second, for a baby!
-She gives the best kisses if she's in the right mood!
-She gives high five.
-She says mama and dada, and I think she really is starting to understand what they really mean.
-She loves, loves, loves to climb. We have a wall made of boxes and storage containers so she wont fall down the stairs. She doesn't even care about the stairs anymore, she just loves to climb on the boxes, and then onto the ottoman, onto the chair and then onto the couch. That's her favorite thing to do this week.
-She loves music. When she hears music she will stop what she's doing and smile at me, and I'll say "dance" and she bounces up and down, and sometimes will try to sing.
-Something I've never mentioned about her but I've always loved is that she has the most genuine smile. She has a sparkle in her eye when she smiles.
-She's started to do this fake laugh when I laugh at her or she thinks I laugh at her. I think the reason she does it is because she wants me to laugh again, which I do just to make her happy.
-She's never been that into toys, but one of her favorite games is when all of her toys are in the box, she will pull all of them out one by one.
-Another game she thinks is fun is dropping everything onto the floor. Her sippy cup while in high chair, a paper that's on a chair, etc.
-She will eat just about anything, she's not very picky which is fabulous. It makes me feel like she's getting a lot more nutrition than if she just ate the same thing every day.
-She has the two teeth on the bottom, and just got one on the top about 2 weeks ago.


Lyndzi said...

A step, YEAH! I think the fake laugh is so funny. I can't beleive she can do that. She's getting so big.

Josh and Tori Furlong said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing up!! She is so cute!! She need to bring her by again it has been too long!!

janabigelow said...

Kids are fun! You are reminding me about all the fun things I have to look forward to in a couple of months!