Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Sleeping Schedule

(By Aubree)

Clara and I have been trying to figure out a new sleeping schedule. She is starting to want just one nap instead of two which trying to figure this out has kind of messed up her bedtime and everything is just kind of chaotic right now. On Sunday she slept in my arms at church for about 40 minutes and you can bet she wouldn't go down for a nap later in the afternoon because she's stubborn like her mommy. Well when dinner time came around she would take a bite and then turn her head and kind of doze off, then I would try to wake her up and give her another bite, but it got harder and harder to wake her up. So she took a 20 minute nap in her high chair.

How can I be mad at this sleeping angel when she looks this sweet?!

1 comment:

Lyndzi said...

Haha, that's hilarious. I can't believe she slept like that for 20 minutes. Hope you get it figured out soon cause preg mama's need their sleep.