Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Randomness about Clara

(By Aubree)

I wanted to tell a little bit about what Clara has been up to lately. She is changing so fast, and I want to remember some things that she's doing.

Words she's saying:
Tha= What's that?
Sss= Cheese
Sh= Shoe
Behbe= Baby
Buh= Ball
Bup or up= Up
Dah= Down (She has only said this when I ask her if she wants down.)

Some funny things she has been doing.
-She does this stomping thing with her foot when she gets excited and sometimes it looks like she's doing a river dance.
-She had learned that before we eat we fold our arms. Sometimes she will randomly fold her arms and bow her head while she's playing and I'll stop and say a little prayer with her.
-She will do a fishy face when you do it at her.
-This isn't funny, but she's getting confident at going down stairs by herself which is kind of nice because she can go upstairs to her toys and then back downstairs if she feel like it without me helping her.
-She still gives her wide open mouth kisses on the cheeks. I love it.

I got excited when I realized that I can put her hair into piggy tails! It doesn't look very good yet, but at least her hair is growing. They kind of look like rat tails.

A couple of different friends have posted bathtub pictures and I realized that I hadn't taken any recently. So I decided to do the same.
Looking through these pictures made me really sad though. She looks so grown up in these pictures! It's the first time I've really felt like I'm losing my baby!

Crazy girl!

Pretty girl!

Her new favorite game is to line up all of her animal toys and knock them onto the floor. Yes it does make a big wet mess, but she loves it.


Bill & Jen said...

Aubree She is ADORABLE!!!

Laurel said...

Too cute! I learned a while ago to just keep a towel next to the tub on the floor... it helps a BIT, anyway. ;)

Josh and Tori Furlong said...

She is so so cute!!! I love her hair in the pigtails!!

Wendy and Chase said...

Oh I love the pigtails!!! How cute! I also love her open mouth kisses- even when she drools all over in my mouth. ha ha!

Tara and Brigham said...

she is so cute! how fun :)

April and JJ said...

Aaaahh! She is so big! What a doll! I hope it works out on Wednesday because she and Carlie really need to play. If not, we will have to do a Zoo date soon. So cute!!!