Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trip to Ginger's

(By Aubree)

Last weekend we decided to head down to Aurora, which is near Richfield, to visit Jeff's sister, Ginger . We knew it was going to be rainy but we haven't seen her and her family since Christmas and we didn't know when we'd get another chance.

We pretty much just hung out and played games and played with kids. The highlight of the weekend was on Saturday when it decided to clear up and let the sun shine for about an hour or so. We decided it was a good chance to go for a swim in the front yard.

Clara didn't love the swimming pool so much. Katelyn is almost 5 and Hannah just turned one in May.

Hannah tried to show Clara how much fun it was in the pool, but Clara preferred the grass.

Our little dare devil, Katelyn, taking a dive in this shallow pool. She was doing belly flops before this.

Clara and Hannah had a great time playing with the water table.

Check out those legs! Hannah's legs aren't really that big, they just have these gorgeous little rolls that I love!

Soon enough the clouds came back and it got too cold to be outside.

Time to get warm in the bathtub!

p.s. I bought Clara's swim suit this spring and it fit her just fine. This girl grows way too fast!


Wendy and Chase said...

Such cute pictures! I love the one of Clara and Hannah's little bums :)

Coombs Family said...


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

Ya the whole growing out of clothes thing is crazy! Trying to figure out the best way to organize and store clothes. What an adventure! Hope you are feeling well, and yes you are right... the race is on! hahaha