Monday, August 30, 2010

2 weeks

(by Aubree)

Okay, so I'm about a week late on this post, but better late than never. I took Ashlyn to her 2 week check-up last Wednesday and here's where she's at:

21.2 inches - 90%
8 lbs 7 oz - about 60% (1 oz more than what Clara weighed at birth)
head 14 inches - 50%

The last 3 weeks have been kind of a whirl wind! It's really great to have Ashlyn here. It really is fun having 2 kids, but at the same time very challenging. When I had Clara it was really hard for me to adjust to being home all day after working full time for so long. Now I'm pretty much in a routine and it didn't seem to really throw off my schedule too much having a second baby. Although Clara's communication skills are very limited, it's nice this time to have someone I can talk to throughout the day as well.

Ever since Ashlyn was only a couple of days old, Jeff's mom mentioned that she was focusing in on faces really good already. I had noticed that also. When Ashlyn was just over a week old she smiled for the first time! It was while she was looking right in my eyes and she did it a couple times in a row. She's done it a few more times since. She will also watch as people approach or walk away. It's really amazing to me that she can see so well already! She's also very wiggly and strong. She has held her head up really well for the last little bit and when you have her laying down on your lap facing you, she will use her abs to try to sit up so she can look more closely at your face.

Ashlyn has slept 6 hours at a time twice. Other than that it's pretty much 3 hours or less at a time. That's okay though because I USUALLY will get a nap in when Clara's sleeping, which is really nice. So I feel like sleep really isn't too much of an issue yet. That's the great thing about Clara being so young when I had my second baby.

Ashlyn has a birth mark in between her eyes, as you can see, and the doctor said that's a pretty common birth mark that will disappear when she turns about 2. After that it will show up for a few more years when she gets mad or her face turns red. My sister, Amber, had the same thing and she said she passed out one time when she was showing her friends by holding her breath.

We're very thankful for our second little miracle! It's going to be so fun to see Clara and Ashlyn grow up together. I think they're going to be great friends.


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

Glad she is doing well and you are getting some naps! That second picture is so adorable. She is already growing an doh so cute!

balesfamily said...

I need to come and see her again! When I can stay longer. She is beautiful :)

Coombs Family said...

She's so cute! I need to meet this little miss of yours. :) Bethie had some birthmarks similar, kind of in the same spot actually, and they slowly disappeared, but they do show back up when she cries. :)

bethy said...

She is a cute girl. We wish that we could see her in person.