Sunday, July 8, 2012


Going through our pictures from the past few months, there are some pictures that are fun or memorable, but don't fit into any of our previous posts.  So we put them all together in this miscellaneous post.

Clara learned to write her name a while back.  This was her first time.

We were on a walk to the park, and Clara insisted that we stop and take a picture because she had the urge to strike a pose.

Aubree and I got box seats to see Real Salt Lake play. Even though RSL lost, we had a lot of fun.

Ashlyn loves pudding.

Ashlyn thought it would be funny to put on all of Clara's underwear at once.

Ashlyn has this little crib for her dolls, but sometimes she can't resist the urge to join her dolls for a nap.

Dressing up with Mom's jewelery.

Clara getting a haircut.

Ashlyn getting a haircut.

Clara got this magic wand, and she loved it so much she slept with it in her hand.

Ashlyn LOVES the iPad.  She knows how to run it better than most adults.


Tara and Brigham said...

Looks like you guys have had a fun couple of months! Your girls are darling :)

Josh and Tori Furlong said...

Love all your posts!! Your girls are getting so big!! And look at Clara write her name!! So good!!

The Playin' Lakins said...

Oh my heck those girls are getting so big! I know its only been a few months since I've seen them, but they look so grown up!