Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Activities

Each year, we make a schedule of Christmas activities that we want to do during the month of December.  We try to do one activity each day.

Clara's letter to Santa. She asked for a Ken doll, a Barbie house, and a toy bird.

Ashly's letter to Santa. She asked for a beautiful pink dress, a pink baby doll, a doll house, a pen, a pink and purple fan, and a ping pong game.  She also wanted to see Santa and for Santa to love her.

We cut out snowflakes.

We went to the electric light parade.

We bought presents for a little girl from the Angel Tree.  Clara and Ashlyn were insistent that we give her sparkly pink shoes.

We decorated our Christmas tree.

We decorated our house.

Clara had a dance recital.

Ashlyn had a dance recital. She danced to Frosty the Snowman.

After their dance recital, the girls got to sit on Santa's lap.

We went to Temple Square to look at the lights.

We delivered gifts to our neighbors.

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