Sunday, March 1, 2009

Clara's Blessing

(by Jeff)

Today was Clara's blessing day. We got up early and gave her a bath, got her fed, and dressed her in her blessing dress. Everything was going great, until we were just heading out the door. Clara decided to have a "blowout." We had to scramble to change her diaper and clean off her slip and her dress. Luckily, her onesie took the brunt of the mess. Anyway, we were still able to make it to church a few minutes early. We were a little worried that she would cry during her blessing because she has been pretty fussy most mornings this week. However, as soon as we got to church, she went to sleep and stayed asleep the whole meeting. She was a perfect angel during the blessing!

After sacrament meeting, we had a lunch with family and friends who had traveled down for the blessing. It was fun to visit with everyone on such a special day!

Our family

On the car ride to church

All of the Gittins grandchildren (Kelsey, Wes, Katelyn, and Clara)

Clara with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Ashcroft

Aubree's friend Amelia and her family

This picture has nothing to do with Clara's blessing, but it's Aubree's new favorite picture of Clara, and she told me I had to include it.


Coombs Family said...

Oh, Clara is such a doll! Blowouts can be pretty dramatic! It was good to see you guys yesterday!

Mosers said...

:) All of my kids had a blow out when they were in their blessing outfits..I think it's mandatory of a baby on "special" days! Congratulations!

Lyndzi said...

Sad we had to miss the blessing but it looks like it was wonderful. She looks so pretty

Anonymous said...

what a cute baby girl :) And YOU are looking gorgeous as well!! You're funny--you would never want us to do your kitchen because you'd have a mess for a month! But I would love to help you if you're at all serious!? How close do you live to Sandy?

Amelia Harris said...

She is such a cutie! :)

bethy said...

What a sweet day! Clara is beautiful. Nina had a blowout just after her blessing. Thankfully her gown escaped unscathed.

Anna said...

What a sweet little girl. She is so beautiful in her blessing outfit. You look beautiful too Aubree!