Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Month Check-up

(By Aubree)

On Monday I took Clara to the doctor for her two month check up. Here are her stats:
24 1/2 inches - 97th percentile - 3 1/2 inch gain since birth
12 lbs 6 oz - 90-95th percentile - 4 lb gain since birth
head - average
I don't know how this works, but he said that she is still lean for her height. I still don't know how they factor that.

Clara has been a lot of fun lately, but at the same time more difficult than last month. She has the smiling and gibberish thing down pat. It's so much fun to be able to connect with her a lot more. She is using her legs to push herself up while I'm holding her and she will sit on my knee with very little help except for balance. She enjoys the bath a lot more, which is nice. When she has no clothes on we will stand her up and there's something about the width of her abdomen and the skinniness of her legs that reminds us of a frog. We laugh every time we do it!

The reason why she is more difficult is that she is just fussy all day long. She still sleeps fairly well at night. I even get an occasional 7 hours straight! But during the day, that's another story because she just does not sleep well. She doesn't want to do anything except eat. There are moments when she will be happy and talk and smile with me, but that usually doesn't last more than 10 minutes. When I try to put her down she will sit by herself for about the same amount of time before she wants me to pick her up, and usually the only thing that will make her happy after that is nursing her. Some days are better than others, but I just find it so hard to try and get anything done during the day. I try to watch what I eat most of the time, but I think she has a little bit of colic.

All in all though, she really is a joy to have around and I know it can only get better from here. She has already shown small improvements. We love our little Clara!!


Furlong Family said...

It is hard when they are fussy but I promise it gets better!! I can't believe how fast they grow and that your little Clara is 2 months!! If you think she is fun now though just wait because it just keeps getting better and better!!

Burke family said...

I can definitely sympathize with you on that one. Jordan was such a colicky baby. It can be so hard. Just try to enjoy the good times, and remember there's nothing more important you could be doing (or trying to get done) than just loving and caring for your baby!

Andi said...

Hang in there. It gets easier, I promise. Don't stress so much about what you eat,they seem to adjust. Just don't eat too many spicy foods or onions. That seemed to hurt all of my babies bellies.