Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Christmas Season so far

(By Aubree)

We've had fun preparing for Christmas. A couple of weeks ago, we decorated for Christmas. This is only the 3rd out of the 8 Christmases we've spent together that we've had a tree, and it was especially fun to have Clara around for it. She was a "big" help!



Our Lladro nativity set, guarded by the reindeer.

Our Fisher Price nativity set that Clara loves to play with, and that's good because it keeps her away from all of the other more breakable decorations.

Our little Christmas Village. We weren't able to put up our complete collection, but it's a really fun thing to decorate with.

Our lit Christmas tree.

Last Saturday we had our ward Christmas party. It was a breakfast and any kids under 12 were invited to wear their pj's. Jeff's sister Wendy and her husband Chase were able to go with us because they had spend the previous night at our house before they left for their cruise. (Jealous)

Santa came late, but we were able to steal a quick photo with him and Mrs. Claus before we left. Clara was too interested in his fuzzy sleeves to look at the camera.

She really enjoyed playing with the other kids and babies.

We hope you all have a safe and very merry Christmas!


Coombs Family said...

Oh, so cute! I tried getting a Little People Nativity for Graysen but they were all sold out. :( I'll hafta keep my eyes out and grab it quicker next year!

bethy said...

I love Christmas and it is especially nice with kids. I'm glad that Clara was not terrifed of Santa like most babies are.

Happy New Year!

Alice Johnson said...

So I ran into your mom a while back and she said you're in Whitney 2?