Friday, April 2, 2010


(By Aubree)

Girls are just girls from the day they're born! At least Clara has been. She loves to accessorize and put on makeup when I'm getting ready. Here's some fun pictures of her beautifying herself!

That's makeup on her cheek, not bruises.

She was using my blush as I was putting on my mascara and without me realizing it she was dipping my blush brush into the open bottle of mascara!
She saw me wearing this bracelet and as soon as she could get her hands on it she was doing the same. She found a toy to balance out her other arm!

She found some stickers and I put one on her hand and cheek, and after that she put them everywhere on her body. Her favorite was her hair which wasn't very fun getting them out!

She's always trying to put on our shoes.

These next two pictures have nothing to do with the rest of the post, but I wanted to add them. She reminds me a lot of me when I was a little girl. I was always curious and hiding in the dryer or other places like that. The other day I found her playing in this upside down step stool.

This picture is kind of embarrassing because the room is such a mess, but Clara just loves her little couch that Jeff bought her. I think she looks so cute sitting there watching her Baby Einstein!


Wendy and Chase said...

Oh my goodness, your house isn't messy - there are a few toys on the floor. You are ridiculous! I love the pics! I think I need to paint her toenails bubble gum pink when I see her this weekend :) It's the girly thing to do for spring.

balesfamily said...

Oh Aubs! She is just too cute! Wendy is right about the messy room, toys on the floor =happy children. :) Thanks for sharing.

Leanne Harrop said...

Aubree, these pictures are so cute! That's great way to document her activities for later years. I like the shoe picture, reminds me of the big boot/shoes I walked in when I was that age.

The picture you thought was 'messy' is not messy! Not even close. Wondering have you tried signing time dvd's? Check them out they're good for kids. Thanks for posting these cute pictures :)
Happy Easter!

Coombs Family said...

Oh she is so sweet! Definately a girly-girl! Time to get her some dress-ups! PS: I wish my house was as clean as your 'dirty' room!

April and JJ said...

She' so cute, and she has a lot in common with her buddy Carlie (who she hasn't seen since she was newborn.) I can't wait to see you again!