Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was really a lot of fun this year with Clara being almost two. She really understood what to do with the presents... a little too much, because she opened everyone else's too. We have a pretty good Christmas tradition. We will go up to Jeff's parents on Christmas Eve and have the Gittins extended family Christmas party. Then we'll spend the night and open presents with just Jeff and me and the girls. After that Jeff's siblings that are close or have spent the night will come over and open presents. And finally we go to my sister Amy's house in Preston, which is only about a half hour away from Jeff's parents' house, and open presents and eat lunch.

We tried to keep it pretty simple with the girls' presents because we open so many presents with Jeff's and my family that there's just no reason to go over board with tons of presents. Clara got a few toys and clothes and Ashlyn mostly got clothes, one toy and a bumbo which we gave her a couple of weeks before.

Jeff came up with the idea to just spend as little as possible with gifts for each other and I agreed because my Christmas presents are just watching Clara and Ashlyn and everyone else I gave presents to open their presents. So I got the idea to give Jeff a vintage map of Spain (where he served his mission) and I thought it was the greatest gift ever! He liked it a lot, but then I opened my present, and found out the real reason Jeff wanted to go cheap this year for presents for each other. He totally surprised me with a Nikon D40 camera! I'm not surprised very easily because I completely over think everything. So when I opened it I totally lost it and started crying (which I don't usually do unless I'm feeling the spirit). It was a really fun surprised and I've loved playing with it. I'm not very good with it yet, but I've been getting lots of practice.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, we had a ward party. When Santa came, Clara watched about 3 kids go up and sit on Santa's lap. Then she decided it was her turn. She'd never seen Santa in real life before and she was totally not shy.

Like any other 4 months old, all Ashlyn wanted to do was EAT the presents. She didn't care about what was inside.

Clara was lucky enough to encounter Santa twice!

I made Clara and my twin nieces these tutus. This picture is about as good as you're going to get with three 2 year olds!

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