Friday, April 29, 2011

Clara's sayings

I haven't ever really written down some of the cute things that Clara says, and I figured that it's about time I do. Here are some of the many cute things that Clara says:

"I eat you." She means "I will eat by or with you".
"I make all done." When she's finished eating or doing whatever she's doing.
"I feeled all better." After I give her a hug or kiss when she gets an owie.
"Hold you." When she wants to be held.
"I show you how." When we don't understand what she's saying or she just wants us to follow her, but she will also say "faudo (follow) me!"


Josh and Tori Furlong said...

Don't you love this age!! I love that she says "I eat you", when we joke around with Peyton and say should we eat you, he says, "no, we only eat food" Kids sure are funny!!

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

She is so beautiful in that photo! That's a keeper :) How cute the things she says.

Coombs Family said...

I love it! I think my favorite one is Faudo! I like it when they make their own pronounciation of words!

bethy said...

Cute! I love these little sayings. It's great that you're recording them.

My favorite saying for Reese now is when she tries to go potty and nothing comes out she yells: "It's not working!"