Sunday, July 24, 2011

My silly girls

I haven't blogged a lot lately and I have so many fun pictures that I would just put all in one post.

Ashlyn loves bananas...

and yogurt.

Scary Ashlyn (I know I'm a mean mom for even taking this picture, let alone thinking it's funny.)...

Cute Ashlyn.

We had so much fun at Jeff's sister's ranch.

The girls have had lots of fun playing with the new water table.

My little mommy.

Clara's owie from burning herself on a sparkler :(


Cute matching outfits.


balesfamily said...

I just saw your girls a couple of months ago and they are already changing! I love Scary Ashlyn :)

Jen said...

Love all your new posts. Cute girls!!

Lyndzi said...

Scary Ashlyn = favorite pic! such cuties