Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ashlyn Turns One

Okay, I'm a month late, but better now than never.

My baby is one! It's gone so fast. It's a bit different having Ashlyn turn one because with Clara I was already pregnant with Ashlyn so it almost seemed better at the time that she was getting a little bit older and more able.

We went to the doctor and here's where she's at:

weight: 19.6 lbs - 25%
height: 30 inches - 88%
BMI: 15.28 - 10%
Head circ: 18 inches 60%

Ashlyn is changing every day. Some words that she sometimes says:

Uh or Ara = Clara
Uh (then blows air) = Uh-Oh
chs = cheese
whasa = What's that?
She also will sometimes repeat things after you ask her to, but she doesn't really say much else on her own right now.

She's walking very well at this point. She walks with her knees wide and lifts them high with each step. It's really cute. Her and Clara are the best of friends. Clara is a friendly girl and doesn't have a problem making friends, but one day when we could hear Ashlyn on the baby monitor that she was awake, Clara said "Let's go get my best friend, Ashlyn!". This makes me very happy. I'm not saying that they don't fight some, but that's to be expected.

We did an animal theme for her birthday because whenever we go to Lagoon, Ashlyn loves riding the train. When we're standing in line and we're holding her, she will lean her body toward the train to try to get us to go. She loves to look at the animals and she will reach out to them when we pass them. She also has loved seeing cats at family members houses.

Raspberry lemonade and double chocolate cupcakes!

Ashlyn had no problem with the concept of opening presents. Christmas is going to be a blast!

Very small nibbles at first.

Oh but it didn't take long for her to get the idea. She wouldn't let me take it away! She was at it for about 20 minutes. She also had a couple of other little girls to help (Clara and Cambree):).

Stopping to pose for the camera.

A quick clean-up in the kitchen sink.

Birthday rasperries from Grandma.


Jen said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Emily Burnette said...

WOW!! Time is flying!! Happy Birthday sweet little one :)

Aubree, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog a couple of weeks ago!! Sorry I'm so late in responding to you. You totally made my are so genuine and too kind :) We would LOVE to get together in the near future with you guys...we miss all our Basque reunions. Glad to at least have blogs...and I'm happy to see your family is doing so well! Big hugs from Seattle :)