Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aubree's birthday and a wedding

Aubree's birthday was last Saturday (March 8th), but it was also the day that Aubree's sister Amber was getting married. Because we were going to be spending the majority of Aubree's birthday helping with the wedding, we decided to celebrate her birthday one week early. We went out to dinner at the Mandarin in Bountiful (the best Chinese food in Davis County). Aubree ordered the entire meal: won ton soup, three taste shrimp, and spicy garlic lamb. It was awesome food! After eating, I took Aubree shopping. She bought a shirt, a sweater, and a necklace. We finished off the night by watching a "chick flick" at home.

Last weekend, we went to Aubree's hometown of Grace, Idaho for her sister's wedding. The night before the wedding, we made several batches of brownies (for the wedding lunch) and set up tables, chairs, and decorations at the church. Amber and Eric were married the next morning. After the wedding ceremony, we had a wedding lunch at the church. We then cleaned up the chairs, tables, and wedding decorations and, of course, decorated the bride and groom's cars. We had a good time visiting with family and celebrating Amber and Eric's marriage.

Here are a couple pictures of the wedding, although we don't really have any good pictures because we were busy helping with everything rather than taking pictures.

Eric and Amber

Amber and Aubree

After the wedding, we still had some time to celebrate Aubree's birthday (again). We drove to Logan and ate at the Indian Oven (chicken tikka masala, shrimp coconut kurma, and lots of naan). We also stopped at the mall so that Aubree could buy herself some more birthday presents: several bottles of lotion and soap from Bath & Body Works.

While we were driving from Grace to Logan, we saw this unbelievable sunset (the picture doesn't do it justice). Aubree was happy to have such a beautiful sunset for her birthday.


Liz said...

Hey! Happy birthday Aubree! I stole your blog address from the Overtons. :) Congrats to your sister, too. You guys sound like you're enjoying life in Bountiful. By the way, that sunset really is gorgeous and I know all about pictures not looking as good on a blog as they do on your computer in a regular file. It's frustrating. :) Come check out our family blog anytime. We miss you guys!

Liz said...

Ha, I just noticed that we're already a link on your sidebar. Duh. I'm a bit slow tonight! :) Take care!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Aubree! Okay, I LOVE the hat you knitted. I'm very impressed and really want to learn how to do it. So next time we see each other you have to teach me, okay? And I'm really jealous that you guys ate at the Mandarin. The food there is excellent.