Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby Wes

My brother Ben and his wife Amy had their second baby a few weeks ago. They named him Wes Jon Gittins. Last weekend, we were able to visit Baby Wes for the first time. Here are some pics:

Baby Wes (showing off his hat that Aubree knitted for him).

Me holding Baby Wes.

Aubree holding Baby Wes.
Kelsey (Wes's big sister who takes good care of him)


Dan said...

Dude!!! You still rock the 99 cent shirt! It sounds like you guys are doing well.

Are you excited to start practicing in a few months? If I can ever find some spare time I might take the wife and kids up to Utah for a trip. When that happens, we will need to get together.

bethy said...

I love the hat you made, Aubree! We miss seeing you guys and hope to be able to get together in the not too distant future.