Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cruisin' to Alaska

(by Jeff)

My clerkship at the Utah Supreme Court ends this month. Aubree and I decided we should take a vacation between the end of my clerkship and when I start working for my law firm. We figure that with me starting a demanding job and a baby coming in five months, it was now or never. We debated a few ideas about where to go on vacation, but we ultimately decided to take a cruise to Alaska. We are so excited! We went on a cruise (to the Caribbean) for our honeymoon, and ever since then, we have wanted to go again. And since we both enjoy the mountains more than the beach, we figured that an Alaskan cruise would be a lot of fun.

The cruise leaves from Seattle. We are actually going to go up a day early so that we can spend some time with our good friends John and Emily Burnette in Seattle. We usually only get to see the Burnettes once a year, so we are excited that we can squeeze in a visit with them. After that, we board the boat and head to Alaska. Here's a preview of where we are going and the activities we have planned:

Juneau, Alaska: we are going to Mendenhall Glacier and then to a salmon bake in the forest

Skagway, Alaska: we are going up into the mountains in the evening to watch the bears come down to the river and feed on the spawning salmon

Ketchikan, Alaska: we haven't decided for sure, but most likely we are going to Totem Bight State Park where they have a large collection of totem poles

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska: we will be cruising through the fjord to view glaciers

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: we are going to Butchart Gardens, one of Aubree's favorite places in the world

We can't wait to go!


Cameron and Amelia said...

That sounds like a ton of fun!! Remember Aubs, Sea-Bands!

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

I am jealous! I've always wanted to cruise and Alaska would be one of my top two choices. Have a wonderful time.

Bill & Jen said...

Aubree that's great that you and Jeff can venture out right now....with a demanding job and a sweet little baby coming it will definately be hard venture......but as soon as you have your little one, you wouldnt trade it for the world.... :) they are so special and fun... I hope your pregnancy is smooth going and hope you have fun "cruisin Alaska"!
(are you driving to seattle or flying)

Anna said...

That sounds like so much fun! Mike went on a cruise to Alaska with his family after the mission and absolutely loved it. I really want to go someday! I hope you have an awesome time.