Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weekend at Johnson Mountain Ranch

(by Jeff)

Last weekend, we visited my sister Ginger, her husband Jared, and my niece Katelyn. Jared and Ginger own a ranch in central Utah. We love going down and visiting them on the ranch. There's thousands of acres where we can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, riding four-wheelers, etc.

Katelyn's birthday is this Saturday, so we took along an early birthday present for her. She loves Dora the Explorer, so we bought her a Dora gift that included a Dora outfit, maracas, and a Dora video that Katelyn can dance along to. We figured Katelyn would love it because it combines four of her most favorite things: Dora the Explorer, playing dress-up, dancing, and making noise. It was--as expected--a hit with Katelyn. I think she watched the video three times in the twenty-four hours after we gave it to her.

Katelyn with her newly opened present

Katelyn in her Dora outfit

The ranch

Scenery from a hike on the ranch--like a small version of Bryce Canyon

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