Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, it's a ....

(By Aubree)

Happy birthday Jeff! I just want you to know you are just the greatest person in the world. You are so kind, patient, ambitious, smart, funny, understanding, loving, gentle, hard working, and so many other things - I don't have enough room to fit everything on here. I am so glad that you put up with me, because I don't know anyone else that would. You are my soul mate and so perfect for me. I admire and love you so much. You have accomplished so much in your 28 years. You served an honorable mission in Spain, you received your bachelor's degree and Law degree by the time you were 26. You have completed a year clerkship for the Utah Supreme Court, and are about to start a successful career as an attorney. Among those things, you always magnify your church callings like I've never seen anyone else do, and are always willing to help anyone in need. You are the best husband, friend, son, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, grandson and will be the best dad in the world. I hope this will be your best birthday ever.

To everyone else, we went to the doctor's office today. I am almost 17 weeks, and they told me last time they hoped to find out the sex of the baby this visit. The doctor looked for about 5 seconds and the baby wouldn't move it's legs, so he couldn't really tell what it was but guessed that it was a girl. It was a half-hearted guess, so we're not making any big purchases or anything. We will most likely find out for sure on September 3rd because I have a thorough ultrasound at the hospital that checks everything about the baby.


Cameron and Amelia said...

Ohhhh! I hope you have a boy! No a girl! No, maybe a boy! Or no wait, maybe a girl! Ah, they are both great so whichever you get will be AmAzInG!! We just want you to have a healthy babe and you can worry about the little things later! That's what we'd really love for you both! ;)

suzi said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys. The world totally needs Giblets!