Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ashcroft Family Reunion '09

(By Aubree)

Jeff's mom's side of the family (Ashcroft's) had their family reunion this last Friday and Saturday. On Friday we went to Henefer, Utah and had lunch at the city park, played on the playground and learned and sang about the pioneers.

Then we drove to Salt Lake's This is the Place monument and heard more about the pioneers. Jeff was assigned to tell us about the Vanguard Company, who were the first group of pioneers that Brigham Young put together to go west. We then had dinner and enjoyed visiting with family.

On Saturday morning we hiked to Ensign Peak, which is the peak that Brigham Young was on when he had the vision of Salt Lake Valley. I thought about leaving Clara behind with Jeff's aunt, but we've been talking about going on some hikes around here and I wanted to see if it was really possible to hike while carrying Clara. It was really not that bad at all, I just put her in the Snugli and we had a great hike. Anyway, we hiked to the top where there was a monument. We took pictures and Jeff's grandpa was talking about Ensign Peak when we decided that Clara had had enough and needed to be fed, so we went back down.

There is a church house that is at the bottom of the hill where we had snacks and had more pioneer programs and lunch. It really was a great reunion!

At Henefer city park I decided to have Clara try swinging for the first time. She loved it! I pushed her higher than I was comfortable for a minute, but she was just smiling away. She would move her feet back and forth like she was running, it was really cute!

Jeff's neice Katelyn pushing Clara

Jeff pushing Katelyn on swings.

About halfway up Ensign Peak. Hi Wendy and Chase! (They're the ones you can see on the trail)

Jeff's sisters Ginger and Wendy, and their husbands Jared and Chase, and Katelyn (Ginger and Jared's daughter).

The top of Ensign Peak. It was the perfect day for hiking. It was overcast with a slight breeze, so the sun wasn't beating down on us. Then it decided to rain once we got back, perfect timing.

Downtown Salt Lake


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

It was fun to see you guys at the family reunion. Sorry we didn't get to talk much. I think I was so worried about making sure that Augusto had a nice time and had someone to visit with that I forgot to be social myself... anyway cute pictures and if you guys are in St. George call us. We could do dinner or golf or whatever.

Lyndzi said...

Such pretty pictures. Um, who's baby are you holding? She's getting so big. She looks so long in your little front carrier.