Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mom's Birthday

(By Aubree)

Last Saturday my sisters and I decided to treat my mom for her birthday. All she knew was that we were meeting in Logan (everyone lives north of Logan in Preston and Grace, except for me) to have lunch and there was a surprise after. So we met at the Copper mill Resteraunt and had a wonderful lunch and then we were off to have PEDICURES! It was my moms and my first time getting a pedicure. It was wonderful!

Lunch at the Copper mill. Counter clockwise from the back: My mom, me, Clara, Amy, Cloe, Andrea, Cambree, and Amber.

The pedicure!

Pretty toes!

Cambree (in front) had so much fun she just needs a nap. Cloe's in back kicking her so she can't fall asleep. Their mom (Andrea) said that it's okay because Cambree kicked Cloe the whole time they were in her stomach.


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

How fun. Pedicures are the best!

Bates Family said...

Fun times! Mom is still talking about it and bragging to her friends :)

kandis said...

How fun!

Coombs Family said...

I bet your momma loved that! You girls are all so dang beautiful!