Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lagoon with Katelyn

(by Jeff)

Two weekends ago, my sister and her husband (Ginger and Jared) came up for a wedding. They asked us if we would be willing to babysit Katelyn while they were at the wedding. Of course, we were more than willing! Katelyn is so much fun! We decided it would be fun to take Katelyn to Lagoon (for those who don't know: Lagoon the only amusement park in Utah) since it is just a few miles from our house. My other sister and her husband (Wendy and Chase) had also made plans to go to Lagoon that same day, so they came along with us.

As expected, it was a lot of fun. Aubree and I didn't ride very many rides--most of our time was spent taking Katelyn to rides that she could ride on. Nevertheless, I thought it was more fun to watch her riding the rides than it would have been to go on rides myself. It was Katelyn's first time at an amusement park. We started her on the least threatening ride in the park: Bulgy the Whale. It goes around pretty slow and just goes up and down a little. Just before Katelyn got on the ride, Wendy told her that big girls hold their hands up on the ride. Katelyn took this to heart, and the entire time she was on the ride (even before it was going and after it was done), she made sure she held her hand straight up. It was hilarious!

After that, we slowly moved her up to rides that were bigger and faster. She loved all of them all--the carousel, boats, train ride, and the Puff the Magic Dragon roller coaster.

Later on in the evening, Ginger and Jared joined us. We rode more rides, ate some amusement park food, and played some carnival games. Overall, it was a fun day!

Katelyn on Bulgy the Whale

Katelyn on the spaceship ride

Me and Katelyn enjoying an Icee

Katelyn on the carousel

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Anna said...

Katelyn is adorable! It was so nice of you guys to watch her all day. I'm sure you had a wonderful time together and I'm sure her parents were so grateful for the little break. I love the story about Katelyn holding her hands up on the roller coaster. What a fun time :)