Sunday, June 29, 2008

Muy Caliente

(By Aubree)

I miss spring! I know some of you reading this are in much hotter places than I am, and are not feeling sorry for me, but I just have to complain for a minute. I mean I grew up in Idaho where the winters were so bitter cold and long and although I don't love everything about winter I can put more clothing on or sit by a heater or fire to warm up, so right now I kind of sound crazy by saying I miss the snow a little. It has been in the 90's (I think one day it did go down to the 80's) for 2 weeks straight. I love that I live in a place that has 4 very obvious seasons, but there are complaints with each one I guess. It wouldn't be so bad if we had real a/c, but we have a swamp cooler. When we wake up at 7:00 or 8:00 it's already 77 degrees in our house, and we don't like to run it all day while we are gone, so when we get home in the late afternoon it's almost 90 degrees! Until Friday my work's a/c wasn't working either so I just wasn't getting a break from the heat. When we were looking for a house to buy, that was one thing we were not going to budge on, because we lived with a swamp cooler in our mobile home for 2 years, and didn't love it so much. But we fell in love with this house and knew it was something we could change. I hope it's sooner than later.
It's not that I hate everything about summer. I love that it stays light until about 9:30. I love that things grow and become green or colorful or produce fruit. It's just hard to appreciate those things when my brain is frying. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm a spring and autumn kind of girl. Maybe by next summer we will be more comfortable, I hope. Thanks for listening to my complaints.

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Liz said...

Or, you could just ditch the a/c installation plans and just move to San Diego. Dan, Steve, and Jeff could open up their firm and we ladies could raise kids, chat, and stay cool together! :) Good luck with the swamp cooler. You guys are brave!