Sunday, June 22, 2008

Northern Spain

(by Jeff)

One year ago, Aubree and I spent two weeks in Spain. When we got back, we posted pictures of our five favorite places that we visited during our trip ( We intended to add some more posts about other places we visited, but because of the bar exam, buying a house, moving, etc., we never got around to it. I figured that it is better late than never, so I am including two posts with our pictures from Spain. This first post has pictures from our week in northern Spain, and the second post has pictures from our week in southern Spain.

Basque Country

We spent two days in the small towns in Basque Country where I served as a missionary. We stayed at a bed and breakfast, which was a traditional Basque farmhouse that was build several hundred years ago. It was great to be back in beautiful Basque Country!

The Basque farmhouse we stayed at.

The view from the Basque farmhouse.

The Basque countryside.

San Sebastian

We spent a day in San Sebastian, which is a beautiful city on the beach up near the French border.

San Sebastian.

Above San Sebastian at the old fortress.

At the aquarium in San Sebastian.


Gernika is a small Basque town that was almost completely destroyed by German bombers during the Spanish Civil War. The bombing is memorialized in a famous painting by Picasso. It's a beautiful little town with an interesting history.

A wall mural of Picasso's painting.

At the park in Gernika.


We spent a day in Bilbao, where we visited the Guggenheim Museum, my old mission office, a Basque history museum, and the hanging bridge.

The Guggenheim.

The hanging bridge.

The ocean view from our bed and breakfast.


We began our trip in Zamora, which was the second city I served in during my mission.


Liz said...

Everything looks so gorgeous there! I would love to visit Spain. I bet it was a fun trip!

suzi said...

Wow! What a beautiful country! It's really breath taking. (Steve says it's too bad everyone talks with a lithp):)